Darrell M. Roberts


Passionate about the creative world and it's elements, I have always been very fond of art and design. My entire life has been built around color, letter patterns, photography, illustrations and design concepts. So as a young entrepreneur I began to develop a desire to run some type of production with the view of creating my own success. I believe in creating something from humble beginnings and to watch the growth in it's entirety.

Design is great planning with a purpose in mind, an objective, while art on the other hand is involved in subjective expression of a personal mood. I work in conjunction with both.They both display the formal elements of - space, line,color, texture, shape and form along with principles of - emphasis, contrast, balance, alignment, unity, proportion, repetition, and flow. All these components summarizes me and my life.

Please take some time now to analyze my work here in this online portfolio and see if I may be of great match to handle your future projects. Design is essential for everyone and Citsitra Designs strives hard to give clients what they want and more importantly what they need to make their productivity grow in their business. Never stopping until the project is satisfactory to the client. A happy client makes a happy work relationship, I'm sure you would agree.


Bachelors In Fine Arts

International Academy of Design & Technology,


  • Dunbar Vocational High School
  • Mcdonalds
  • Ravinia Festival
  • Wells Fargo